At Strong 4 Pole, we are committed to building and maintaining a positive community of hard working and encouraging women, striving every day to be the happiest and healthiest version of themselves.


Our mission is to help women transform by getting strong from the inside out, so that they can walk in the confidence they deserve. We accomplish this through personal coaching, pole fitness, plant based nutrition, spiritual/mental wellness and camraderie.


Whether your goal is to fit back into those pair of jeans, gain upper body strength, become an elite pole athlete or lets be honest, look good naked, we work with you to give you the tools needed to accomplish them.


Using our 6 Bricks To A Thriving Life, we customize programs based on your specific needs, so that you are consistently and quickly improving your health, strength and lifestyle habits so that you can live your BEST life in your BEST body. 


Our team is committed to YOU. To your feeling confident and sexy again. To your vision of being cool on the pole. To you walking in the life you deserve.




Strong 4 Pole Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

Receive an individualized program based on your current fitness level, designed to get you stronger, leaner and knowledgeable about your body.

Strong 4 Pole Pole Dance

Pole Fitness

With pole champion leadership, we utilize the pole to get your sexy back, improve upper body and core strength and body awareness through the healing art of movement.

Vegan Meal

Plant Based Coaching

Learn how to properly meal prep, fuel for and recover from your workouts, while gaining increased energy, enhanced performance, fat loss and optimal health, using plant based nutrition.

Strong 4 Pole Fitness


With multiple pre-hab and rehab modalities, you can improve your mobility and flexibility to keep muscles pliable and joints strong to reduce and in many cases, eliminate pain.

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