Hi Mia here,

I decided to stay up and talk to Sasja last night and because of it I feel absolutely exhausted! I only went to bed one hour later, but it feels like 5!

Meanwhile she is still sleeping. In her defense, she's recovering from a little cold. Rest in that case is crazy important!

But to the matter at hand, someone was asking me yesterday about fasted cardio, which is definitely not the first. I get these questions most often:

"Should I be doing fasted cardio?"
"Is fasted cardio bad for me?"
"Will I burn more fat by doing fasted cardio?"

First, when it comes to "should" I really do not like that word. There is no such thing. There is either what you want to do and what you do not want to do. Something will either yield positive results or it won't.

Just my two cents. 

Now to answer the question...Do fasted or non fasted cardio if you want to. All exercise is good because it is getting you out from behind your computer screen and your tv screen and MOVING!!! That is the whole point!

I personally love fasted cardio! Its a nice way to turn the body into a fat burning machine and it works very well for me and for the members I have doing it as well. 

The idea behind it is that after fasting 12-16hours, your blood glucose and liver glycogen are low (these are your body's main sources of energy) so in order to fuel your cardio activity, the body will then result to stored packets.

Cha-ching! There's the money right there and that's what we're looking for.

HOWEVER, you must be careful because the body only knows that it needs to supply energy and may also pull the proteins from your muscles to provide the exact same energy as well. This is what you do not want to happen and this what most people are doing to their bodies just to follow a trend. They don't notice because the numbers on the scale are going down so that must be good, right?

WRONG! You do not want to burn fat at the expense of your muscles. You NEED them. Just 10lbs of muscle burns 50 calories a day even when you're doing nothing! Muscle is our friend in this scenario and you want to protect it. 

So how do we prevent this from happening?

By drinking a scoop of your favorite amino acids blended with your favorite piece of fruit. This creates an easily and quickly absorbable protein/carb drink to protect your muscles and prime your body to be that FAT BURNING machine we were just talking about. 

So should you being fasted cardio? Depends on your goals, if you want to and if you like it. 

Is fasted cardio bad for you? It can be if you do it completely fasted. Take that protein/carb drink about 15min before and get to work.

Will I burn more fat by doing fasted cardio? That depends on your body, but if done correctly you will definitely burn fat!

Please ladies, trust and understand that this should not be your only form of cardio or only form of exercise in your program. The body needs diversity too. 

Experiment with it. Add it to your program. 

Try low intensity for about 45min-60min and/or high intensity for about 15min-20min. 

Both can be done fasted. 

If you have any other questions on this topic, shoot us a message and we'll answer them!

Dedicated To Your Success,

Mia Shanté
NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Strong 4 Pole, Founder

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