Hey ladies,

Mia here!

Sasja wrote a sappy post on Facebook so now it's my turn.

We are officially one year in the game as a company and it feels amazing! (Feel free to cheer out loud.)

Strong 4 Pole was once a workshop solely for pole dancers. It ran like this for 2 years, preparing pole athletes for competition or just helping them break past their plateaus. In the second year, we really bumped up the nutrition, injury prevention and spiritual wellness of the program.

After having a workshop with a group of people fresh to pole, we realized it could be something more and wanted to share this program with the masses.

I am so glad we did!

ince our inception we've been able to have transform 100+ women's lives through our LA program, nationwide workshops and nutritional coaching. WOW! What a blessing?

To our Teammates, past and current, thank you so much for believing in us and pouring your all into the women we've come across. Special HUGE thanks to Coach Peppa! She's been with us since the beginning, sharing her love for pole and fitness and killing the ladies with her crazy abs training! Thank you for sticking with us.

To our members, past and current... Geez, where do we begin? You've touched our lives so much. Thank you entrusting us with yours, thank you for your laughter, your tears, your sweat, and your sweet, sweet soul. We Are because You Are.

To every special guest instructor who have lent their special talents for our Member Appreciation Weeks, including this past Anniversary Week, THANK YOU! You have shown our ladies there are so many sides to fitness, wellness and health.

To my business partner and partner and crime, thank you for seeing my vision and taking this ride with me. Together we bring the heart, soul and fierceness to this company. I wouldn't want anyone else by my side.

To everyone reading this email, who has ever supported us in any way. Thank you! You have contributed to who we are today and there is so much more coming. Look out for some tools to keep you on track during this holiday season coming and something to help reboot after. 😉

Yesterday, in our coaches meeting I asked our coaches why do they coach and why those reasons were important to them. They varied per person, but ultimately the underlying factor was that we love helping people discover their authentic selves beneath the b.s. excuses, beneath the crazy job, beneath the children and obligations, beneath it all. We enjoy helping you find the YOU, who has been waiting to shine because once you find her and let her out, you become a force to be reckoned with! 

We're in this thing to transform hard working women's lives by getting them strong from the inside out so that they can walk in the confidence they deserve. Our skills and talents as champion pole instructors, fitness trainers, utrition coaches and lovers of life and balance is how we accomplish this.

For those of you reading this, walking in the confidence you deserve we salute you! Because you show the rest of us its possible. 

For those of you looking to do the same, then hopefully, after reading this you will take some action to go get what's yours and let that light shine. You can start by joining Empowered, Fit & Fab Women or just replying to this email.

Thanks again to everyone who has made Strong 4 Pole a dream come true.

Dedicated Always and Forever,

Coach Mia

Strong 4 Pole, Founder/Co-Owne