Can you believe November is almost over?

In a few days, families all over the US will be sitting around to celebrate Thanksgiving. 

Although this is a time to celebrate, don't make the mistake of letting your health and fitness go down the drain the rest of this year.

You know what we mean. Long holidays with the family, dessert from coworkers, snacks lying around thehouse... 

One thing leads to another and by the time you're ready to start your New Year's Resolution it's too late— you've gained 13 pounds from now until January! 

This year is going to be different because this week we're going to give you the tools you need to look and feel better than ever this holiday season. 

Have you ever heard of 'food cues?'

They are sounds, sight, smells, touch or taste which influence the choices we make and
how we feel about food.

They're what trips us up every single time.

Funnel cake at carnivals... Pizza when watching a football game at home... Grandma's
legendary stuffing at Thanksgiving. They're all food cues.

Most people aren't aware they exist and next thing you know you're three plates deep
stuffed with food.

Today we're going to show you a few strategies on how to combat food cues, which can easily help youcontrol the amount of fat you gain this holiday season.

In fact, they can help you LOSE WEIGHT! 

Say what now? 

Yes, these can be as simple as noticing when others finish eating, an empty plate that had food on it, ordirty dishes and food scraps... all which subconsciously tell your mind you've had enough to eat. 

Here are four strategies to combat food cues so you can lose weight this holiday season: 

1. Leave your dirty dishes in sight with scraps and wrappers
2. Finish all the food on your plate (and glass) before going for seconds
3. Put a napkin on your plate when you're done eating. 
4. Drink a glass of water before and after your meal. 

Simple, right?

But if you master these this holiday season you're going to be amazing at how much
better you feel and how much easier it is to lose weight and keep it off.

Try them out during your next meal and if you have any questions, hit reply and let us

Talk soon,

- Mia & Sasja

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