Good morning, Mia here!

So I'm sitting here planning our vegan junk food date with 3 of our members to celebrate their one year membership with us when I realized to the outside world that may sound counterproductive.

Well, let's talk about it, but before we do, if you have a chronic disease please do not go to your doctor saying, "Mia said I can eat donuts," especially if they told you no.

Ok so here's what is wrong with current America and is making its way across the globe - CHRONIC INFLAMMATION!

The reason it is chronic is not just because quality of food has degraded and we're busier more sedentary people now. Yes all of that is true, but it's mostly because of what we call food.

The average person is consuming tons of refined sugars, refined wheat, table salt and milk. (Take time to look these items up as I will not be going into detail on this today.)

From the cereals, the multiple types of bread all made with Enriched Wheat, condiments, and our addiction to cheese we are on a daily basis feeding our bodies poison and then we expect it to cooperate. 

Remember, chronic diseases are not infectious. You don't catch them. They develop over time. The time we've spent putting this junk in our diets and less whole foods. 

So here we are eating cereal, protein bars, candy, pastries at the office, sandwiches from around the corner, chips, or whatever we can get our hands on. Cheese is in everything because its salty, fatty and addicting and then we wonder why we're sick or why we're gaining weight.

Start paying attention to the labels. 

- Make sure it says whole wheat or whatever the name of the grain is. 
- Make sure there is no sugar added and look out for words you don't know as sugar has over 56 different names so that it does not have to be listed as the number one ingredient on the ingredient list. (Yes, that's a real thing.)
- Make sure your food does not have salt added and if you add your own, it should be pink, back or grey.
- If you are not from European decent, you more than likely have no business eating dairy anyway as the cow may not be native to your ancestors land. If you are of European decent, then purchase from local farms you trust to ensure the highest quality. 
- Eat lots of variety of plant foods!

So by now you're thinking, "Thanks for the tips, but can we get to the donuts please?"

Fair enough. I had to go that route first because BEFORE you can think about a donut those items above need to be in your daily habits. Not just sometimes. ALL THE TIME!

Stop being a blind consumer. Become aware. Make conscious choices of what you put in your body. This is how the yo-yoing stops. This is how sustainable weight loss becomes possible. It's what you do every single day because well, that's how the weight gain happened isn't it?

NOW, once this is your new lifestyle. Once you've detoxed your system and you've broken your food addiction, then we can introduce donuts and other fun items in the mix because not we're doing them consciously.  

I eat donuts, ice creams, pies, cookies and cakes. Majority of the time I make them so I can use natural sweeteners and whole grain flour and control exactly what's going it in. Other times, I choose local stores who also makes these same conscious decisions. 

It may mean that the product is more expensive, but I'd rather pay more for real food than less for poison.

And before you start making excuses about how I can do that because of xyz reason that you want to use to not hold yourself accountable. Do note, that I do not workout 2x a day, but I do move every day. Sometimes, they are intense sessions. Sometimes they are not, but its the consistency and the enjoyment that matters.

So have your cake and eat it too. You absolutely 100% can! But do so AFTER you have your daily habits in check and do so consciously. Grabbing whatever is out at the office is not conscious. It's reactive and those choices, or lack there of, sneak up on you.

Hope this was helpful!

Dedicated To Your Success,
Mia Shanté
Strong 4 Pole, Co-Owner

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