Good Monday!

How was your weekend? Mine was emotionally heavy. In fact by Sunday afternoon, I found myself in a funk. I was quite the Grumpy Mc Grumperton. I decided to throw myself into chores, which included many loads of laundry, overall cleaning of the house and work on the computer. As each got accomplished, my mood improved.

It all brought me to this thought: Making time for me. Though it was work and would probably be considered unpleasant work for some, this for me was relaxing. It allowed me to go inward and have a necessary conversation about how I'd been feeling and what to do with it. 

I learned how important it is to take time for myself a few years back, when I thought I needed more hours in the day to get things done, because a mere 24 just wasn't cutting it. How many times do you have this thought? But how silly is that thought, really? If you had more than 24 hours available to you, how would you spend it? Would you waste it away much like you do with the time you presently have, cluttering it with matters that don't honestly serve you? 

Here's the thing with time, you don't get it back. So wouldn't it make sense to make the most of it? Of course it would! 

It all comes down to time management. And within that time, you must build in moments for yourself. As women, we tend to give until we are depleted. What is left for us then? And how can we give our best if we aren't at our best? I've said this before, if you're over there with someone else, who's over here tending to you? Put your oxygen mask on first! In no way does this make you selfish. In fact, quite the contrary. This makes you responsible. When you are clear of mind, you are present. When you are present, you are happy. When you are happy, you make sound decisions. When you make sound decisions, you affect others positively. When you affect others positively, you set a chain of positive thoughts and actions in motion. And so it goes.

Do something on a daily basis that brings you joy.

Clear space in your thoughts.

Carve out time to daydream.

Take a walk around the block.


Read your favorite book.

Have a conversation with someone who makes you laugh.

Personally, I like to clean. I find it meditative, and at the end of the rainbow is a clean space for me to sit and journal, or sketch, read, have a Netflix marathon. Whatever inner peace looks like to you, build it in. I also discovered that I enjoy going to the movie theatre by myself. My friend whom I had planned to go with, flaked. I decided to go anyway. Then I thought, if that felt so good, I wonder what it'd be like to dine alone. Check! No phone. No book. Just me, my thoughts, some people watching, and a 4 course meal. So liberating.

DO YOU! Your environment will change instantaneously, and the Universe will conspire to support your greater good.

Time is the most valuable currency you have, so spend it wisely. 

Dedicated to Awakening Your Worth & Happiness,


Mindset Coach
Strong 4 Pole, Owner

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