Good morning beautiful people,

We've gotten back to our meditation in the morning and boy does it make a difference. It makes us feel ready to sieze the day, knowing that life is freaking awesome!

We are also surrounded by our animals, which is doubly nice. They think work time is cuddle time. Works for us. lol!

We had a coaching call with one of our online members last week, and her biggest challenge was setting time out to work out. Work hours increased, and she kept setting times to train, but found it absolutely difficult to meet those times. She is also saving for her dream vacation right now, so hustle mode is in full swing.

That's ok. We get that. Sometimes life gets in the way and when you're training on your own, it is crazy challenging to hold yourself accountable when work increases, or kids start 3 different after school activities, or husband's work hours change. We get it. There are weeks where we may only train once or twice because we're hustling and bustling, adapting to life's changes.

First, do not beat yourself up. Wellness is a lifestyle. One off week is not going to make you lose all your progress, but a negative mindset will. A negative mindset will keep you from trying to do better next time.

Second, ADAPT! If something isn't working, change it. Figure out a way to continue to put your well being first. You can always bet on yourself, so make yourself the best you can be.

Third, get help, which you're doing if you're still reading this email. So awesome! What we gave our online member was a list of 4 exercises, with the idea that she will do each exercise at the top of the hour for 5 minutes, and at the top of hour 5 repeat the list. That way she has gotten 2 sets of each exercise.

5 MINUTES. That's it!

8 x 5 minutes = A 40 minute workout!

Does that sound like a good workout to you?

You may not work up the sweat you're looking for...well not heavy sweat, but your body will be working! Energy will be expended. Strength will be gained. And the beautiful part is that it can happen while you are at work.

Try these out and let us know how it worked for you. Keep in mind, if you work out in the open, your co-worker will look at you funny. Don't let the stares stop you. Use them to fuel you, because some of those stares are people secretly wishing they were you. You may even want to extend an invitation to your colleagues to   join in the fun. It could become an office wide tradition 3 days out of the week.

We've seen that happen before and its super cool!

Let us know if you have any questions. We are here to serve you.

Dedicated To Your Success,

Mia & Sasja
Health and Wellness Coaches
Strong 4 Pole