Hey Mia here,

I'm headed back home to Chicago tomorrow to clean up some family members' diets...well try to. Chicago South Siders can be a little stubborn, especially since I'm a family member, but we'll see what I can do.

One of the habits I'm going to try to get them to implement is a smoothie a day. In fact, all of the S4P members and coaches will be doing the same thing. 

Since we are doing it, I figured I'd share with you why, and maybe you'll want to do the same thing. Below you will find 5 of many benefits drinking daily smoothies provides.

Benefits Of Consuming A Smoothie A Day

1. Daily Servings of Fruits and Veggies. Chewing can take up a lot of time, and sometimes after eating one apple, you don't want to eat another. Chewing can also fool your brain into thinking you aren't hungry anymore, temporarily. (Try chewing gum when you're hungry.) Well this way you can put 2-3 servings of fruits and veggies in to a blender. Make it all liquid and drink it! Bam! More than half of what you need in one sitting.

2. Fat Loss. Even when you're drinking a massive smoothie like we suggest, odds are you will do that in place of a meal and/or eat less of what you were already planning, which possibly has less nutrients per calorie. Replacing those empty calories with nutrient dense calories over time will result in fat loss.

3. Improved digestion. The added phytonutrients and fiber will definitely keep things moving along, so if you aren't regular now, you for sure will be. Having the foods blended also does the "chewing" for you so it won't take as much work for your digestive system to break the food down. 

4. Super Hydrated and Energized. Not only is it a quick way to get some water intake, but the leafy greens and fruits you'll be eating come packed with water in them! Hydration done! Because these foods are higher in carbohydrates, they make an excellent source of energy for the day if taken in the morning, or pick me up if taken at lunch time. 

5. They're quick! Just toss the greens, water or nut milk, fruit, seeds, blend and go! It may take a little time to chop some of your fruit. But 7 minutes top!

"Ok great Mia. I know why smoothies are great, but how do I actually make them?"

Excellent question good reader! I got you covered.

Here's How You Make A Good Smoothie

1. Get a high speed blender. No, it does not have to be Vitamix. Just something high speed and fairly large. 

2. Pack in your greens! I mean, handfuls and pack them down. Get all the air out.

3. Throw in some super ripe, super sweet fruit. My "go to" are bananas. Make sure they are sweet. I also like to freeze them.

4. Add some flaxseeds for some healthy plant based fats.

5. Then throw in any other fruit you like.

6. Lastly add your water or nut milk.

7. Blend for a few minutes until super smooth.

8. ENJOY!!!!

So there you have it. Time to start making some smoothies!

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Dedicated To Your Health & Wellness,

Mia Shanté
Health & Wellness Coach
Strong 4 Pole