Happy New Week!

Here's to another day of opportunities. A fresh start. We GET to make healthy, happy choices that affect others positively. Ahhhh, yes. We are fortunate.

I took a seminar years ago on personal growth. I have to say I was apprehensive at first, not because I didn't want to look at myself necessarily, but I was unsure of how sitting in a big air conditioned room with dozens of strangers for 2 days would help me. Not to mention, it was expensive. I decided to go for it, as I had instantly noticed how much it had positively affected my cousin, who suggested I go. 

The course delved into owning our choices, seeing our responsibility in all situations, the importance of daily meditation and affirmations, understanding why being on time is in direct correlation to self respect, and choosing our words carefully. I got to know these people who were once strangers in a way I hadn't foreseen, and discovered the biggest stranger in the room was me. Let me tell you, the tears were free flowing! Years later, this seminar has stuck with me and dictates the choices I make, down to the words I choose.

As you may or may not know, words carry energy and the potential to hurt or heal. I'm sure you can recall a word someone used at some point, whether complimentary or otherwise that has stuck with you. It is a reminder that what we say carries weight and has the power to keep us in a choke hold or give way to fulfillment. 

The more conscious we become, the deeper and more meaningful our relationship to the words we use, so that we speak from a place of feeling. We are connected to our words. In fact, for the remainder of the week:

1. Notice how different styles of communication of the people in your life make you feel.

2. Watch how your own words come out and what affect they have on others around you.

3. Each time you have a negative thought, replace it with one of positivity and say it out loud.

4. If it helps to notice how many negative thoughts or words you use on a regular basis. Quantify it. Put a dollar in jar and notice how much negativity costs you.

You may even notice that when you rush your words without thinking, or rush to get your point across, your words do not carry the same power as when you slow down and take the more confident approach. This allows your listener to receive your words, having had time and space to digest them. When we become careful listeners, our words have more integrity and we're able to center ourselves before speaking. We become healers through positive thought and action, affecting those on the receiving end more greatly.

" I have to pay bills."

"I have to go to the grocery store."

" I have to visit a friend."

"I have to workout."


"I GET to pay bills." This means I have electricity. Electricity means I can get work done on the computer or watch TV.

"I GET to grocery shop." This means I have food on the table and I get to choose what goes in my body.

"I GET to visit a friend." This means someone in this world loves me and they know I love and appreciate them in my life.

"I GET to workout." This means I get recharge my body, be fit, strong and healthy. 

See where I'm going with this? Good!  Continue on your journey to making healthy choices.

Dedicated to your healthy mindset,

Sasja Lee
Mindset Coach
Strong 4 Pole
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