Hi Mia here,

I used to be the biggest cheese eater. I am talking cheese on everything. When I worked in television production, I looked forward to show night because it meant 4 different cheese platters! Can somebody say, "heaven!"? 

When I stopped eating cheese due to ethical reasons, I thought it would be the hardest choice ever. I just knew I wasn't going to be able to make it. 

Then I started losing weight, feeling better, had more energy, less bloating and after about a couple of weeks the cravings went away. Even if they hadn't, all the other benefits were HUGE bonuses! 

Real talk though, the only con..my boobs went down a little bit 😔. But that's ok. lol

How did I do it? How did I make the cravings go away?

Commitment and discipline. Those two things afforded me time for my taste buds to change, but I'm an anomaly. Let me instead share how I would coach you if you were my client, and yes, I ask all my clients to remove dairy. They do not all listen, but those who do, see HUGE benefits in energy and fat loss. 

I'm not going to get into why I ask them to remove dairy today, but if you want to know more Read This. I will say this though, how can food created by another species for another species possibly be beneficial to us? And the drastic increase in lactose intolerance is a clear indicator of that. 

So these are my 3 Steps To Enjoying Food Without Cheese:

1. Substitute vegan cheese for dairy cheese. They are not all created equal though. Favorite brands are Chao and Daiya. They satisfy the salt and fat craving that's in dairy cheese very well. Daiya also has a shredded cheese option to sprinkle on top of foods. Because of the fat content in these products, please use sparingly. 

2. Flavor your food more! Use lots of onion, garlic and herbs. If your food tastes amazing you won't miss the cheese and you'll begin to actually crave more of your own food. I love when I cook my own food. I have this onion garlic seasoning that I brought back with from Miami that I put in my food almost everyday. No cheese needed. 

3. Make your own. Now I am not a big fan of making my own because it is more work, which is why it is listed as #3. IF I need a little something extra I sprinkle Nutritional Yeast on top. It helps to add a cheesy flavor. There a couple recipes out there that I've tried and liked. I'm sure you can find more. Please give them a try. They are better for you and you get to take pride and getting creative. 

Vegan Mac n Cheese  & Vegan Garlic Herb Cheese

Try these out and let us know your thoughts. 

In the meantime, just a few quick questions for you...

Have you tried removing dairy before? 
What was your experience? 
Do you want to try?


Dedicated To Your Health & Wellness,

Mia Shanté
Nutrition Coach
Strong 4 Pole, Founder