Hi Mia here,

I'm writing this on the plane to Chicago, exhausted, but was inspired by this book I just read. Before I get into the name of the book, let me first explain why I read it now, on my way home to Chicago.

Every time I go home, while it is exciting and refreshing to be surrounded by so much unconditional love, it is also quite sad. My family is riddled with preventable diseases, i.e. obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, vertigo, heart disease, the works. 

I remember last Christmas, sitting at the dinner table, listening to family members discuss where to get the most affordable high blood pressure medicine while they ate all these pies and 3-4 different types of meats and cheeses. I'm watching them put toxin after toxin into their system and when I try to explain how that is not helping them heal, it falls on deaf ears. 

Many of them believe with 100% certainty that once you have a disease, that's it. You caught it and now it is stuck with you. Now medications are just a part of your daily life and no one dares to ask, "Is there another way?"

My mom finally did and still does. She's been making changes at her own pace, but is motivated by her results of fat loss and energy gain. She still has some pain the doctors can't figure out, but it is a lot less pain and a lot less often. And with every new eating habit comes more progress.

I'm hoping that with Dr. Brooke Goldner's book, Goodbye Lupus, as my reference I will finally be able to help more than just my mom.

In her book, she explains how her typical American diet set her up to get a severe case of Lupus, beginning at the very young age of 16. She went through 2 years of chemo, made it remission and got through college, but was told she would never be able to have kids. She made it to med school, where the lack of sleep flared up her Lupus and made way for another autoimmune disease. She was one blood clot away from a stroke. She got on medication and she made it over the hump again.

Then her world changed. She met this man who loved her, Thomas Tadlock, (who I learned a lot from on how to bodybuild on a plant based diet) and he changed her life. He put her on his diet for rapid fat loss and what she gained was not only the fat loss but her HEALTH!!!

The Lupus went away and stayed away! She is still alive and well, over 8 years later with no signs of Lupus and 2 kids. 

The theme of the book is that Western medicine did come to the rescue several times to painfully put her back into remission. 

HOWEVER, it never gave her health. It never cured her. It did not help her body heal. It did not enhance her quality of life. 

What did help her body heal itself were plant based foods and lots of them! 

I'm hoping this story will inspire my family to make some changes and maybe you as well. It definitely motivated me. The strongest, leanest and best feeling I've ever felt is when I was having a large smoothie every single day and a super large salad with tons of various colored veggies. 

My eating habits have changed a little bit and so has my body and energy levels. Time for me to make a change as well.

Now is your time. Don't wait until something gets worse. Just because you aren't sick, does not mean you are healthy. Take your life back! And we will help you. Apply Here and in the meantime, get cracking on those green smoothies. 

Dedicated To Your Success,

Mia Shanté
Health Coach
Strong 4 Pole