Good Afternoon Everyone! 

The day is moving along, and by the time you know it, it'll be mid week. Time certainly does not stand still, which brings me to the conversation I was having with Mia and one of our lovely members this morning. 

We were speaking about nutrition, exercise and discipline, and how it's much easier to stick to a regimen when you have a goal. Most of us have experienced tackling a task we dreaded, yet feeling so accomplished once completed. Or avoiding something that scares us because we think it will force us into change that we're not exactly ready for. But when we face it head on, we feel such a sense of confidence and inner strength.

What we're actually doing when we face the task at hand, no matter how seemingly arduous, is creating space and flow in our lives which allows us to grow. That sense of pride when we cross over to the other side of fear or stagnation is palpable. Even though it was hard, we did it! 

Conversely, when we remain in our comfort zone, we cut ourselves off from the flow, growth, build resentment, or even harbor regret.

Nobody wants to ever wonder, "what if?" If you ever have to ask yourself this question, you're not truly living.

What is that one thing that never seems to get done? 

I challenge you to move that task to the top of the list. Doing so, as well as promising yourself that you will complete it, begins to fuel energy and is an act that has the potential to liberate you tremendously. You may even find yourself seeking the next task, in chase of that excitement of completion.

You are worth every bit of excitement life has to offer. Go out there and grab it!

Dedicated to Your Success,

Sasja Lee

Mindset Coach
Strong 4 Pole

P.S. If one of those goals is making your health a priority, fitting into clothes you no longer fit into, reducing or eliminating joint pain, then schedule a Strategy Session with us. We'll see what the next best steps are to help you reach your goals.

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