Hi Mia & Sasja here,

We are on our way to enjoy some vegan ice cream, which is funny because today we want to talk about fat loss. Lol!

Once a week we take ourselves out for some yummy food. This week that yummy food happens to be ice cream. Balance is the key to life guys!

Often times we hear, "I just need to do cardio" or "I know if I did High Intensity Interval Training, then I would burn more fat."

What's interesting about those statements is that neither is true alone. 

Low intensity cardio - walking, jogging, yoga - works well as a compliment to a strength training program. In between workouts, it is a great way to help facilitate recovery and prepare you for another hard training session the following day.

High Intensity Interval Training - doing an exercise at 100% max then doing an active rest exercise (low intensity exercise) or a passive rest (standing or sitting still) - works well as a compliment to a strength program as well, not stand alone. This type of training definitely works up a sweat and improves your E.P.O.C (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) which is a fancy way for saying that you continue to burn calories after this training.

But when it comes to training for fat loss, there is no one size fits all. Stop falling for the workout videos. Stop reading the latest fitness magazine article or watching the cool Instagram videos, thinking that's what fitness is.

Get yourself a coach or do some hard research, read articles by legitimate strength training coaches, (Mia's Favs: Tony and Brett) and then put together a program if you're really serious about fat loss.

In order for you to achieve greatness, whether it's a body transformation or some other area of your life, something has to change. Change begets growth.


1. Eat Better
There is no way around this one. The processed foods, refined sugars, high consumption of animal products and oils has to go. Period. 

2. Go Big Or Go Home
No need wasting time doing Bicep Curls or Leg Extensions. Do big compound exercises - Squats, Push Ups, Pull Ups/Rows and Deadlifts. 

3. Push Past Your Limits
Taking those exercises, keep progressing them. Do variations that challenge you. Switch the tempo. Add in isometric hold and of course add weight. Ladies, do not be afraid of the weight. You will not lift heavy enough nor produce enough testosterone to have you looking like a man, so just let that go right now. Adding weight, as well as these other changes, increases your strength which increases your quality of life. The stronger person can do more than the weaker person. The added muscles means you're burning calories throughout the day because muscle requires more energy expenditure, so you're burning more fat. 

4. HIIT It Right
As mentioned before, HIIT by itself is not enough. But if you're doing this style of training in conjunction with strength training, then you are on your way to an incredible body and incredible strength, which then leads to incredible confidence. There is no greater feeling than being able to do something you never thought you could. Add this as a finisher to your workout, in addition to later in the day or earlier in the day or even the day in between your workouts. 

5. Have Fun
Do an activity! Hop on the pole! (Yes, that's a plug for pole dancing.) Go to the park or the beach and do something! Exercise is meant to be fun. We currently add kickboxing and parkour to our training when we get a chance, to shock the body a little, but to also laugh and have fun because those sports are not our career. Take your dog for a loooong walk. Grab some friends, park a mile away and walk to the coffee shop where you normally meet. Put your kid in the stroller and hit the park. There are so many ways to get movement in, you just have to do it.

6. Have A Plan
And stick to it! All of this means nothing if you do not put it into action. Set a realistic schedule and stick to it. Allow it time to become a habit and for you to begin feeling a difference.

Your goals are possible. It just takes a plan of action and consistency. If you're anything like us and struggle to train solo or just don't know where to start, then schedule a Free Fitness and Nutrition Strategy Session with us. We will be more than happy to guide you on what next steps to take for YOUR specific goals. 

Make sure to scroll to the bottom. We've included a Sample HIIT Circuit for you. No better time than the present to Get Started.

Always Dedicated To Your Success,

Mia & Sasja
Transformation Coaches
Strong 4 Pole, Owners

Sample HIIT Circuit
Bear Crawls - 60sec
Burpees - 30sec max speed/power
Repeat 4 times
Rest 1-2 minutes

Jump Rope - 60sec
Squat Jumps - 30sec max speed/power
Repeat 4 times
Rest 1-2 minutes

Squat Curl Row - 60sec
Fast Feet To Sprawl Outs - 30sec max speed/power
Repeat 4 times
Rest 1-2 minutes

Watch The Video Here