Hey there,

I'm pretty sure at some point, one of my members is going to shoot me for always using them as inspiration for these emails, but they ask really good questions and say some of the funniest things!

This week's comedy:

I love this woman, but she said something that made me want to this write this email and that's the "handful of raisinets" bit.

Let's get clear on something right now. One handful of candy will not ruin all your progress. It's when that handful turns into a handful everyday, turns into 2 handfuls a day, turns into a box a day. 

It's a vicious cycle if not caught ahead of time. I've been down that road, before and during my health journey. 

Do you know what I did? I removed my temptation. I don't go to those aisles in the grocery stores, I don't allow foods that trigger me into my house, and if I know I'm going to be in an environment where I will be tempted, I fill my belly with as much fruit and plant foods as possible so that I am too stuffed to eat the junk.

Just because I dropped a few inches, does not mean the fat kid inside died. I eat A LOT, I just make better choices. 
Sounds crazy, huh? 

Well it works for me.
Think about it. If the raisinets are in arms reach, you're definitely going to reach for them. If they're a little further away, maybe you won't reach as often, but you can still see them, so you'll probably get at least 1-2 good handfuls in there. 

But what happens if it's not in front of you? Or if you bypass that section of the office entirely? Or always make sure your hands are full when walking past if you can't avoid it? Or if you have something else to grab and eat when tempted?

The result becomes less and less reaches, less and less consumption of junk, and then hopefully more and more consumption of foods that actually serve you. 

So these are the DOs and DON'Ts of junk food:

DON'T freak out if you indulge.
DON'T think you need to have some superhuman will power.
DON'T beat yourself up.

DO recognize the triggers.
DO put a plan in place to offset the triggers.
DO hold a level of personal responsibility for your life choices.
DO eat it mindfully and with awareness if you choose to eat it.

If you tell me your triggers, I'll tell you mine. 😁

What's keeping you from staying on track with your nutrition goals?

Dedicated To Your Success,

Mia Shanté
Transformation Coach
Strong 4 Pole

P.S. Below is what happens when you eat less junk. If you want one on one guidance, book a free session with us. We'll analyze what's going on and what steps you need to take to fix it.