Monday has rolled around again. Happy Day Everyone!

How was your weekend? It is blazing hot in Los Angeles, and this past weekend was no exception. Myself and Mia lived our lives at the beach and took our Border Terrier for some fun sandy fun. He's not about the heat though. 

And as it gets hotter, our two cats (yes, we also have cats) are shedding like crazy. It brought me to the thought, when we no longer need something, it naturally falls away. Or does it?

Our growth really does depend upon our ability to soften and shed boundaries and defenses we no longer need. We create them based on our current circumstance, and at a certain point, we outgrow them.The thing is, if we continue to hold onto what no longer serves us, like trees, snakes and even furry cats, we cannot expand to our full potential.

For instance, that unhealthy relationship that finally runs its course. You're now free, yet holding onto everything he did wrong and how you're never going to allow yourself to go down the same dusty road again.

In the interim, you're completely closed off, pissed off and dare I say, bitter. So, no one is able to make it past or through that wall. You won't allow it. And how can you grow this way? You can't possibly be free.

I have always said that vulnerability is true strength. When we release our boundaries, we allow the parts of us that are vulnerable to heal and unfold. The same structures we built to help us grow needs to come down in order for the next phase of growth to take place. Otherwise they constrict and hold us from the life we are meant to live.

We see this in our clients on a regular basis. They come to us in need of help, but are so comfortable holding onto what was, even if it is miserable, that they block all their own hard work. Does this last? 

Hell no! 

It doesn't last because through this process, they apply the tools, make a conscious decision to push through and break down to rebuild. (It also helps that we stay on them and pour as much light, love and encouragement as we can.) 

And THIS is what life is about! It is also what makes me extremely proud and happy to witness.

Take the time to question your boundaries and defenses. It is essential to honor them, yet equally as important to release them when the time is right.

Dedicated to your Success,

Mindset Coach
Strong 4 Pol