Ok, so maybe that subject line is a bit extreme, but it caught your attention and it is kind of true.

Hello, Mia here!

It is hump day and per usual all the animals are sleeping. Boy, is it tempting to join them and sleep the day away with furry cuddles. 

However, it is more important that I address this issue. I get asked about brands a lot. Sasja and I preach smoothies pretty much daily, so someone asked about Jamba Juice and Naked Juice. 

For starters, I am not a brand guru and do not know all of them. I am also very selective with the ones I promote. But when you're just getting started eating better and you walk into a grocery store, it can be very overwhelming!

Add that to all the "advice" you're getting from the web and tv, you wouldn't know where to start. I mean, if I listened to my TV, I would be having protein Cheerios for breakfast and McDonald's Parfait as a post workout meal. 

So let's get one thing clear right now. Commercials are meant to sell you, not help you. Period! The people designing them are trying to make money and they're trying to make money off of you without asking you any questions about who you are to see if you actually need their product.

Are there exceptions to that? Maybe. I can't think of any off hand, but before I get accosted for the above statement, I might as well put a disclaimer in there. 

I am bringing this up because when people ask me about different brands, I ask 2 questions in return:

1. Does it have a commercial?
2. What does the label say?

Does it have a commercial? If the answer is yes, then I probably will not recommend it and this is true among many health professionals. Just ask yourself, where are the advertising dollars coming from? You know how expensive produce can be. How can they produce quality products in abundance and still afford constant commercials and HUGE billboards?

What does the label say? Just because it doesn't have a commercial, does not instantly make it God's gift to you. The company may not be able to afford commercials, but can they afford quality ingredients? Read the labels. Can you understand them? Is sugar the first or second ingredient? The ingredient list should read like your grocery list or close to it, meaning it should be familiar to you, not a foreign language.

Food for thought. 

The next time you pick up something "healthy" or you wonder if it is, ask yourself those 2 questions. It may take the fun out of grocery shopping where you choose each item based on the best packaging and headline, BUT this is your body we're talking about it. Take the time to care for it and it will repay you.

Hope this was helpful or at least got the wheels turning.

Reply with any questions you may have. I read and answer all of them.

Dedicated To Your Success,

Mia Shanté
Nutrition Coach
Strong 4 Pole, Co-Owner

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