Happy almost Independence!

I'm sure you're all feeling fantastic about this long weekend. If you live in L.A., we're having fabulous weather in which to fully enjoy the holiday.

The year is speeding by. Soon it'll be 2018 and we'll be mulling over our New Year's resolutions from the previous year. But what if this doesn't have to be the case? What if you simply made the decision to complete what you set out to do when you set out to do it?

Have you asked yourself why you put things off, big or small? Is it fear of failure? Or maybe you lack motivation, accountability or guidance? Could it even be fear of success?

When speaking with prospective members who're interested in our Strong 4 Pole Program about their goals, I ask why these goals are important to them. Knowing the "why" will make you activate and keep you locked into the growth and improvement you envision for your life, so they're not merely intentions.

Indecision will have you dazed and confused. It gets you nowhere fast and leaves you wondering what could've been. Who wants to live this way? Woulda, coulda, shoulda is for the talkers, not the doers.

1. Set your goals

2. Know your why

3. Seek the tools and team you need to achieve your goals

4. When things get hard, remember your why and lean on those you've chosen to support you through your journey

5. Conquer, rinse, repeat

You have within you the power to accomplish everything you set out to do. The only difference between you and the person who has it all, is the decision to put one foot in front of the other. So get to steppin'! I'll see you on the other side. 

Dedicated to your Success,
Mindset Coach, Strong 4 Pole