Good Afternoon,

How was your weekend? For us Angelenos, it was a matter of powerful air conditioning, as Los Angeles reached triple digit heat. Alas, we survived, and today it's down to a cool 91 degrees.

So lets just dive in to today's subject: Lopsided Relationships. With any relationship, there's a give and take. There are things you both share candidly. At some point, one may need to listen more than share, but the balance still remains as this shifts over time, depending on life experiences.

With some relationships though, you may notice yourself always taking on the other person's "stuff", leaving no room for you to vent. The conversations always seem to be about them and their problems, or victories for that matter, with no attention to yours.

I have a friend whom I love dearly, who could barely say hello before delving into all the content of his life. I took great pleasure in listening and offering all the support I could muster, but it became draining after a while. He became an emotional vampire. He was so wrapped up in self, he hadn't any support to lend, nor had he even considered I may need a shoulder at times. 

Whether happy and exciting or sad and dramatic content being shared, if the conversation always seems to get hijacked and your voice becomes more and more distant, it may be time to check in, or check them off.

What do we do with these relationships? Well, if we feel this is simply no good and can't be rectified, as I mentioned, end it or allow it to fade away. I prefer to express myself. Let this person know you cherish the friendship and what they've been doing that leaves you feeling taken for granted or taken advantage of. They may be taken aback initially, but it they are true to you, they will thank you for opening their eyes and possibly saving other relationships hanging in the balance. 

For some, one-sided relationships actually fit. You may have a friend whom you only do certain activities and share surface information with, due to their capacity to receive. You know and accept them for who they are, and the partnership works for you both.

Any way you choose, know that you do have a choice and the choice should leave you elevated, not depleted.

Dedicated to Your Success,
Owner, Strong 4 Pole

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