Good Afternoon beautiful people!

Mia here,

Enjoying a piece of banana loaf bread my client Cat made me, (She's freaking amazing and has me and Sasja spoiled! You can order her baked goods here), while looking at my new bike in my living room, since I have no garage to put it in. My bike is actually what sparked the initial thought of this article. 

I bought this bike because I realized my days turned into work at the studio, work at home and then 1 hour of working out. That's it. There were no other moving parts in my day. I was just sitting or standing, mostly sitting. I had the grand idea of getting a bike and replacing basic errands by getting to work with biking, so that I could get more movement in my day. 

So far, so amazing! I have more energy when I ride. My mood enhances, my appetite has increased, everything is just better!!!

I'm not telling you this to tell you to go get a bike, but rather to pose a question. Read below:

Person A. goes to work, comes home, eats dinner, watches tv sleep, repeats the next day.

Person B. walks dog, goes to work, parks further away, takes the stairs, comes home, walks dog, mows the lawn, eats dinner, sleeps, and repeats.

Which person do you think will gain weight slower?

With just the information mentioned above, most likely Person B. Obviously there are other factors to consider - what someone is eating, their digestion, how much do they sleep, do they workout, how do they workout, etc, but the gist is, our bodies are meant to be moving, not sedentary. God created us with over 620 muscles in our bodies and the average person is barely using them. 

Take a look at your life. If you're already working out, CONGRATS! That's a step in the right direction. 

Now, what are you doing when you're not at the gym? Are you walking? Are you biking? Are you taking the stairs when possible? Are you carrying your own groceries? Do you do light stretches in the morning or before bed?

I told one of our members this morning, when she takes the stairs today to take two at a time to continue her leg workout throughout the day. 

So I challenge you to push yourself. I dare you to seek out all the ways in your daily life in which you can be a little more active, you can move your body a little more. Maintain it for one week and see how you feel. 

If you're already pretty mobile, then I challenge you to do more. Life doesn't stop moving forward, so we can't either. Pick up a class, get some buddies for weekly hikes, go swimming, play with your kids or pets a little more than usual. Do something more.

Step outside of your comfort zone ladies!

I'll be right there with you on my bike. Just got used to 6 miles at a time. This Sunday, taking it out for 11 miles. Wish us luck! (Yes, I'm dragging Sasja too.) And we will wish you luck as you discover your newfound active lifestyle.

If you need ideas, just reply to this email and I will gladly brainstorm with you.

Dedicated To Your Success,

Mia Shanté
Transformation Coach
Strong 4 Pole, Owner

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