Hi Mia here,

How weird was it going back to work after having Monday off?

Most holidays, Strong 4 Pole usually stays open, but we decided to close this year to attend a retreat in Malibu. We also taught, so we were not entirely "off".

It was incredible being out with nature, among only women, beautiful views of the mountains and the ocean and great energy to and from peaceful, likeminded women in need a space to call their own. There were also tons of workshops on various healing - economic, relationship, community, spiritual, cultural, physical fitness and health.

Of these different categories there were several workshops for each one, except nutrition. Why is that?

We are women! We are the backbone of this country. We are the care takers and the strength that keeps everything running smoothly and efficiently. But how are we to do that if we do not care for ourselves?

Yes, it is vital to be spiritually nourished, be it through meditation, journaling, movement, reading, etc, so that we can have and share love and peace.

Yes, it is vital to be physically fit, so that we can keep up with our children, lead quality lives and can easily choose flight or fight if we ever have to. But what good is all of that if we do not nourish our bodies, allowing for enhanced quality of life, daily vibrancy, lower risks for illnesses and so forth.

Do not the be the overweight doctor at risk for heart disease, trying to help someone else. 

Heal yourself first. I give you permission. It's okay. Make health a priority; a forethought for a change. Be proactive in your eating and drinking choices.

How do we do this?

1. Turn off your tape of excuses. I know they're good. I know they're justifiable. Turn it off anyway so you can listen to your body, to your soul.

2. Put a system in place for success, ie. hire a coach, prep your food, track your food, pack a lunch, keep a water bottle on you, keep handheld fruit nearby or a healthy plant based snack.

3. Increase your fruit and vegetable intake. The easiest way to do that is through a smoothie, but it is not the only way. Just get it in. 

Ladies, the top 5 diseases killing us off and/or making our lives really really uncomfortable are heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes and autoimmune diseases. ALL of these risks can be lowered by beginning with those above 3 steps. 

Dedicated To Your Success,

Mia Shanté
Health Coach
Strong 4 Pole, Owner

P.S. What happens when you just have a little bit of guidance...

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