Happy 2018!!!

I'm grateful to have made it another year in life with the people I love right by my side. It is so refreshing to think of the endless possibilities this year has to offer and know there are opportunities to connect with more amazing women such as yourself.

There is more time to share, build and celebrate all the things that serve us well and propel us forward.

Some may feel the threat of a new year, looking back on the past and worrying about what wasn't accomplished, as well as the unknown. Others see it as a time to start anew. Another chance to get it right. Just know this. Everything is in divine timing.

There are no coincidences, no mistakes, no luck. It's simply about trusting your decision to step into the life you truly deserve and allowing yourself to live in the flow, knowing you are always supported.

So, what's the plan?

Create a 90 day goal list. Break it down into 60 or even 30 day goals, then weekly goals. Make your list of goals that which you can physically check off. Have fun with it, and make a big deal of what you've achieved. 

Take a look around you and notice all that's going right. Take at least 60 seconds each day to find your reflection in the mirror and notice how brave, powerful and fortunate you are. Allow your appreciation for your beautiful life to empower and encourage others. Let your light beam.

You got this!

Go out and make a powerful year.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Sasja Lee
Mindset Coach, Strong 4 Pole

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