So this one is for my pole athletes, although these tips can be applied to every single sport.

Stop me if this isn't you - 

You find yourself randomly in a pole class, a little reluctant at first, but once you decide to let your guard down you have more fun than you thought you would.

Life as you know it has been changed. Pole is your new drug and you need it every single day.

In the midst of enjoying this new drug, you find yourself consistently having to take time off or work around limitations due to an injury and it's annoying as shit. I mean for crying out loud, all you want to do is pole and enjoy this time every from the B.S. life can bring and here come these pesky little injuries getting in the way.

Maybe you're on top of your game, preparing for a pole competition or performance and then BOOM! Out of nowhere it seems, you have to take unwanted time off or worse you push through and cause further damage.

I've been there. In both scenarios actually and so has Sasja.

Here's what we've learned...


Top 3 Changes to Keep You Injury Free

1. Active Rest Days! You need them! Sitting on your ass in between sessions or "recovering from an injury" actually makes matters worse. If it's your rest day, foam roll, stretch, take a light yoga class, or go for a walk. Do not just be still. You're an athlete now. You have to keep your body moving. If you're training rigorously you want to work your upper body lightly on your off days to keep them conditioned so you aren't just going hard in the paint every few days when it is time to rehearse.


2. Nutrient Timing! Yes, what goes in your mouth matters. No, you just can't knock back a protein shake and think everything is ok. So here's the body work in a very brief nutshell. 

You just trained and expended enormous amounts of energy because you go hard in the paint and aren't a read my magazine and talk on the phone while on the treadmill type of lady. Not only did expend energy, but you also triggered the release of cortisol of in your body, lactic acid and began the processing of breaking down your muscles. 

Doesn't sound like training has all the benefits people claim it does right about now, huh? Well this is where nutrient timing comes in to play.

Your body has to go through the process of breaking down (catabolic) so that it can rebuild better (anabolic). 

In order to rebuild though, you need to take in some easily digestible carbohydrates, electrolytes and tiny bit of protein immediately after your session up to 45min. And then pound in the protein! This can be liquid form or food. Food is easiest for me, but I also like to eat and since I do go hard when I train, I'm ravished when it's over.

Following these timeline roughly, will allow you to replace the energy you've lost, stopping your catabolic phase cold in it's tracks and triggering your anabolic phase to begin your recovery process. The protein after, then allows protein to do one of the functions it is meant to do - rebuild your muscles.

If this doesn't make sense and you have more questions, shoot me an email -


3. Working In! "What the hell is out?" It's the balance to all your "working out".  Working out is intense on the body. It may yield great results, but it still stresses your temple the hell out. You have to counter it by "working in." Working in is merely performing movements with your breath like Yoga, Tai Chi, or even simply meditating. Resting your body with your breath and clearing your mind is probably the most overlooked or unknown aspect of recovery.

Along these lines, I'm going to slip in a bonus - Sleep. Take time to do some working in and get proper rest. I guarantee your performance will enhance and your energy levels will increase. You will also just become more in tuned with your body to know when you should and should not execute certain movements.


Alright, so there you have it. Put these to work asap and note the difference. If you have any questions just shoot me an email at

- Mia Shanté, Strong 4 Pole Owner


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