Happy Friday!

Before you head off into the weekend, we want to share a little fun exercise with you that tackles two goals at once - Gliding Lunges.

Now we're going to keep this brief, because we know some of our emails can be a tad bit long.

We're sharing this particular exercise with you because it allows you to get both a stretch in your hip flexors and adductors (chronically tight areas) AND work your glutes, hamstrings and quads at the same time to shape up your legs. 

Are we saying to do this one exercise only? No!

But adding it to your routine will definitely do wonders for you.

All you need is a towel and a floor. If you have carpet, then a couch/furniture slider will do just fine.

Make sure as you're gliding to keep your extended leg as straight as possible and push to your stretch limit. Really drive your supporting heel into the ground to activate your glutes and hammies, which will aid in propelling you back up to standing.

If you are trying this for the first time, we recommend doing so next to a wall or something you can hold on to, just in case it's a bit more challenging than predicted to get back up. 

Even if you hold on for assistance, the exercise still works. Eventually, you will be able to let go. 

Have at it and let us know how you feel! If you have questions on how to properly execute it, email us a video and we'll give you feedback. 

- Mia & Sasja, Transformation Coaches