Happy Sunday!

We spent most of the day yesterday on the phone chatting with women who expressed interest in Beta Testing our new program.

Some of them were already athletes seeking more guidance, but most already believed they had the "nutrition" part down pat...yet, they aren't seeing results.

So often we get caught up in eating what we think is "healthy", based on what our mama, friend, neighborhood trainer, Instagram celebrity, fitness magazine and even doctor may have told us. 

One particular lady mentioned that she recently changed her diet and for breakfast is now having a yogurt and berries with one boiled egg. I think one slice of toast with peanut butter may have been included.

Based on what we're taught, that sounds pretty reasonable. I mean it's not pancakes, bacon and potatoes or some frozen sausage sandwich, so this has to be good. Right?

While calorically speaking, it is less calories than pancakes, nutritionally it's full of added hormones, saturated fat and cholesterol from the cow and chicken it came from. 

Our bodies thrive off of fresh fruit first thing in the morning and it is the FIRST step we tackle with our members. It's also the first thing that gets them feeling and seeing results right away!

The body in general thrives off of more raw fruits and veggies than we actually give it. We walk around consuming protein bars and shakes, cutting out carbohydrates and fruit due to "sugar" and wonder how we end up with health problems. 

Rule #1 - Feed your body the nutrients it needs to thrive and then watch your body, mood, energy change for the better.
Rule #2 - Throw exercise into the mix, then watch yourself tone and get strong!

You can find Coach Mia speaking a little more on this topic HERE!

A lot of ladies start our program thinking we're going to tell them what to eat for every meal, but our taste buds are different than yours. Instead, we educate and teach you so that you can be empowered to make smart eating choices for your body and for your specific goals. 

If you want to finally start feeling good and stop chasing every new fitness program and fad, then shoot us a reply to this email. No matter where you are or your schedule, we can help you. 

- Mia & Sasja, Transformation Coaches