When it comes to fat loss, there are A LOT of theories out there. Some work. Some don't. Some work forever. Some are a quick fix.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was something that worked for majority of people, that didn't cost a fortune, cause you to gain all the weight back and was easy to follow?

Well, we have it for you and it's ALL NATURAL!

1. Smoothies

Strong 4 Pole - Fat Loss 101 - Green Smoothie

Yep! Good old fashion smoothie works every single time. Why? Because you are flooding your body with nutrients, therefore helping to speed up your metabolism. 

But we're not talking about some wimpy 16oz smoothie. We're talking about getting in a pound of leafy greens a day! 

Don't worry about it tasting green (unless you like that of course), because you're going to top it off with some super ripe fruit. You want it ripe so it can be nice and sweet! We may want to drink our salads for convience, but we don't want it to taste like one. 

You're then going to top of your smoothie with your Omega-3 Fatty Acid source of flaxseeds or chia seeds. You choose. Just get them in. They are anti-inflammatory. Seeing as unwanted fat is inflammation, we want to get that mess off.

Vanilla Chai Smoothie
75% Spinach
Frozen Banana
2 Tbs Raw Almond Butter
Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
Vanilla Extract
All Spice
Dash of Cardamon
Dash of Dried Ginger
Dash of Nutmeg

P.S. Smoothies, if in a glass container filled to the top and sealed off from added oxygen, can last in your fridge for up to 2 days, depending on how cold your fridge is. 


2. Water

Strong 4 Pole - Fat Loss 101 - DrinK Water

We know. You would much rather drink tea, coffee, wine or juice, pretty much anything over water.

It sucks having to go to the bathroom all the time and being the person who always has a water bottle with them. 

BUT a well hydrated body is a body that properly flushes out the toxins - FAT! It also keeps you from midnight Charlie Horses and helps with recovery in between workouts to optimize fat burning.

It's been shown that 96 ounces a day works well on average. If you're a 6ft or 4ft11" woman, then you may want to adjust accordingly. 

Create a system that works for you. Maybe it's a liter in between each meal. Maybe you use an app. Maybe you mark hours on a gallon container to reach each line at that time. Play with it. But find something that works for you.


3. Train Hard and Daily


If you move your body every single day, pushing to new limits in your training, there is no doubt you will get the body you are looking for. 

The caveat to this is you have to be consistent. There are no days off.

On days we are not training hard, we are walking or stretching or foam rolling. 

And on days we are training, we're aiming to beat what we did the week before. 

Sample Workout - 25 minutes
1st Set - 4 rounds
Single Leg Glute Bridges - 60s each leg, 30s rest after both legs - https://bit.ly/2IXlXvw

2nd Set - 4 rounds, 60s rest after all 4 rounds
Incline Push Us 60s - https://bit.ly/2k520JW
Sit Ups 30s - https://bit.ly/2Gj50hb

3rd Set - 4 rounds, 60s rest after all 4 rounds
Squat to Press - 60s - https://bit.ly/2pIYfKw
Hollow Body Hold w/ leg abduction- 30 - https://bit.ly/2pK6xlu

The most important takeaway from this article is that you keep it simple and consistent. Stop making excuses about why you can't get your fruits, veggies, water and workout in and just do it. 

Create a plan of attack. If there is no plan, your results will suffer and you will not succeed. 

With our ladies, they learn exactly how to warm up, how and what to train, why they're even doing it, what to eat that fits their budget, goals, and lifestyle, all wrapped up with a support system that borders annoying, because we want them to be successful.

If you want an opportunity to finally look and feel good and stay that way, getting specific individualized programming, while getting strong and sexy on the pole - along with nutrition and 24/7 accountability - click here and apply today.