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Personal Coaching

Strong 4 Pole, developed by Mia Shanté and Sasja Lee, offers an internationally known personal coaching program, which intelligently and effectively combines resistance training, pole dance and plant based nutrition coaching. This program is known for transforming women into their version of dynamic bombshells! Having traveled around the world teaching and coaching women of all sizes, ages and backgrounds, Strong 4 Pole is now conveniently located in the heart of North Hollywood, giving women their self confidence and strength back in the form of fat loss, jaw dropping pole tricks, strength to do push ups and pull ups and so much more. Strong 4 Pole is a place for women of all levels to meet their fitness goals, while training with the best.

Why our Transformation Program is better than Just a Gym Membership?

Here at Strong 4 Pole, you get to be a part of an amazing community of encouraging and supportive women AND still be taken care of as an individual, because you have your very own genetic makeup, life history and goals. Here's what it includes:

• Certified experts to outline a plan of action to help you get the results you seek. No more guessing.

• A sexy sport (pole dance) with hands on attention to ensure both safety and proper execution.

• An education; you get to learn new exercises and movements you never thought you could do, therefore never reaching a plateau.

• Nutritional advice to last a lifetime and not just a short burst of extreme dieting. We want you to be healthy and fit FOREVER!

• Strength to be able to perform push ups, pull ups and bomb pole tricks to boost confidence and self esteem.

• A family of coaches and women to cheer you on when you're crushing it and lift you up when life gets challenging.

• A team to hold you accountable for completing the steps needed to meet your goals.

• A routine schedule to help you stay committed and on track and help build lifetime habits.


Pole Dance Classes - Why is Pole Dance An Ideal Form of Fitness?

Pole dance has quickly and steadily become an ideal form of fitness for women seeking an alternative to the average exercise. Not only are women able to build upper body and core strength, but confidence as well. Pole dance breaks the monotony of a gym workout, while providing a fun, effective skill for women to learn, and enables them to tap into their inner power, opening the door to full expression within a safe, supportive environment.

Unlike other studios, at Strong 4 Pole, we're able to still provide individual attention within our classes, by providing an intimate setting of no more than 6 women at a time. Our students also luck up, by gaining instruction from 4x Professional Pole Champion and International Pole Instructor. 

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1 on 1 Stretch Therapy

At the core of Strong 4 Pole is our belief in injury prevention and wellness. Created by two competitive pole athletes who have experienced a number of injuries, Stretch Therapy is designed for more sustainable ways to recover than traditional rehab and teaches you how to apply these practices within one's individualized program to better prevent injuries from occurring.  

Sometimes work outside of training has to be done. For those times, we offer Stretch Therapy - a painless Assisted Active Isolated Stretch Technique, designed to improve range of motion within in minutes, improve circulation and in some cases, eliminate pain. 

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Strong 4 Pole Plant Based Nutrition

The Importance Of Nutrition

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food - Hippocrates

When it comes to nutrition, for many people words such as "diet", "fat loss" and "bland healthy eating" may come up. In reality, nutrition is what we're consuming to nourish our bodies. The exact definition is - the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth. 

When we put it that way, it seems a little simpler. But now we're confronted with the question, - "Am I obtaining the food necessary for my health and growth or am I just going through the motions?"

It's very to easy to become reactive when it comes to food and one's health. Everything else is more of a priority, especially for us women. So food becomes the thing we do because we have to. Whatever is the most convenient and doesn't taste too bad is what we're eating. "Who has time to cook or prep food when we have work, kids, partners and slew of other obligations?"

We get it. But we have to think about nutrition. We have to make sure we're eating a variety of plant foods with different colors to ensure we're getting the proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, water, vitamins and minerals we need, not just for survival, but for optimal health. We don't know about you, but we love having energy now. We love being able to sleep well and we want to be running and jumping well into our seventies.

With the rate of obesity related deaths, autoimmune diseases and other preventable illnesses, there is no better time than NOW to focus on eating better and for your body. Remember, just because you aren't sick, doesn't mean you're healthy. By the time the body has a heart attack, it was already living with heart disease.

Nutrition Coaching

Here at Strong 4 Pole, we pride ourselves on working with members through education and small changes. Using our 6 Bricks to a Thriving Life, we take one brick at a time until we are operating at our optimal level.

Change of any kind does not come easy. But when it comes to one's diet, it is especially difficult, due to upbringing, modern day marketing, varied emotions and so much more. We believe with a steady support team and accountability system, anyone can be successful in transforming to an even better version of themselves, choosing foods that support and love them back.

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Fierce & Fit Academy - Take Your Life Back Now

Too many people spend time thinking and planning and dreaming of what fitting back into their old clothes looks like, what wearing a bikini without a cover up feels like, what finally getting off of their medication means for their health and so on, yet none of them take any action. So here they are on the hamster wheel going no where. No steps forward or back are being taken, yet they wonder where the results are. Some people are still trying to get the quick fix, chasing fad diets and bootcamp programs with no real plan of action and no real commitment of getting healthier, or becoming the best version of themselves. 

Strong 4 Pole is where one becomes FIERCE again and now we are no longer confined to a location. Women across the nation and internationally are unlocking their true potential with our Fierce & Fit Academy Program, going on to achieve success in their personal and business lives under a realistic, workable, sustainable plan.

With this program, you will receive a customized program directly at your fingertips, to train on your own time anywhere you choose! With weekly 1 on 1 coaching, an awesome community of women and step by step nutrition and lifestyle guidance, you are guaranteed to get your sexy back, your confidence back and so much more. 

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